We can supply you with a custom designed flag to suit your logo & branding. We have a vast range of quality flying flags from 1.5m – 6m.

Just to list a few:

• Sign Flags

• Flying Flags

• Dolphin Flags

• Shark Flags

• Feather Flags

Optional Flag Bases include:

• Bearing Spike

• Standard Spike

• Bearing Cross Base

• Car Base (wheel base)

• Wall mount SU (straight up)

• Wall mount AO (angle out)


Banners are ideal for short term, high impact exposure. This also means that the signage can be removed easily and transported if necessary.

We can print banners to suit your needs – fence mesh, general signage using sailtrack extrusion, awnings, indoor display work and much more!

• VIZION PVC Mesh (fence mesh)

• Front-lit Banner

• Blockout banner

• VIZION PVC Mesh (fence mesh)

• Street Barrier / Cafe Barrier


Pull Up Banners

Pull up Banners are a great marketing tool as they’re high resolution and low cost. The face size of banner stands is 2000mm high by 850mm wide, and the cassette mechanism is constructed from durable aluminum.